Getting Id in Texas

If you are helping someone who doesn’t have any ID, you will find it a big mess to get it sorted out.   Here is the steps we took to get ID for a dancer who needed it.

Send off for their birth certificate. It will cost  approximately around 25.00 and you will have to wait about a month depending on what state.  You need to call the state or google it to find out what information they want on to get it released to you.

At the same time,call your former  high school asking how to get a certified copy of your transcript. Then provide the information they want. (Doesn’t matter if you graduated). Apply for a voter registration certificate on line. When all three things come in the mail, go to DPS and get a picture state id. (If you have a criminal record do not vote, you just need the documentation.) Then you can get your social security card reissued.

I have found that it can end up costing about 100.00 dollars and taking up to two months to get this all done.  In North Texas,ex- offenders can go to Texas Re-Entry and they will help them get their id.



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