In the Strip Club

One of the things we do is pedicures in the local strip clubs.   I love this method of building relationships because it is so much more natural than giving out gift bags.  Over time, we have built real relationships with the women and they have turned to us when they want out.

Doing their feet is nice, but we also want to help them meet their needs as well.  We have found that over half the women in the clubs are single moms.  Some even work day jobs and strip at night to pay the bills.  They are trapped  in  economic slavery.

Our computer training classes were started in a strip club.  The day manager let us offer her girls free computer classes while it was slow.  Other women wanted to come, so we ended up moving the location, but I love that God set up computer classes in a strip club!   We teach Word, Excel, Power-point and Quick-books. When they complete the classes we will pay for their Microsoft certifications.

Since most of the women have children, we have a chance to reach out to the next generation.  We help with back to school supplies, with baby showers and diapers.  We eventually plan  to offer tutoring for their children to keep them up with their classmates and to provide role models in their lives.  If we don’t, the chance for these children to become victims  increases.

Two of the biggest needs our girls have are childcare and housing.  For women leaving a pimp or an abusive relationship,which is the same thing, they need a safe place to go.  Paying for childcare on a minimum wage job is impossible.  With looming cuts in preschool education, many single moms will be unable to afford childcare.

 We have started a prostitution outreach, with a safety planning group and pizza at a local hot sheet motel, we bring pizza, water and the women drop in between tricks.  We do give condoms, lube and lip-gloss as well as finding out what needs they have.  This s a weekly outreach.  Sometimes it is just one or two gals, sometimes more.

It cost approximately 12,000 a year to stabilize one woman.  This is providing rent assistance, food, utilities so she can find a job and move toward independence.  If she has a criminal background, it runs higher and longer.  Most women need two years of help to be successfully out.


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